Healthcare Workforce Coalition Salutes Nurses While Calling on Congress to Advance Workforce Solutions

Washington, DC – As National Nurses Week commences, the Healthcare Workforce Coalition (HWC) proudly honors the invaluable contributions of nurses across the United States. Today, on National Recognition Day for Nurses, we spotlight the critical role nurses play not only in patient care but as central pillars of our healthcare system.

This National Nurses Week (May 6-12) and throughout National Nurses Month, the Healthcare Workforce Coalition (HWC) recognizes the extraordinary efforts of nurses across the nation. This year’s theme is “Nurses Make the Difference,” accompanied by the campaign #NursesLightUpTheSky where, around the world, landmarks will be lit up to celebrate nurses and rally support for all that they do. Nurses deliver critical, life-saving care across diverse settings—hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation facilities, community health centers, schools, and more—playing a critical role in every aspect of healthcare.

“As the nation’s largest and most trusted health profession, America’s nurses deserve to be celebrated every day, but especially this week as we highlight the remarkable contributions of our profession,” said Robyn Begley, Chief Nursing Officer, SVP Workforce, American Hospital Association and Chief Executive Officer, American Organization for Nursing Leadership. “Nurses make an immeasurable difference in the lives of the patients, families, and communities they serve. As we celebrate them this week, I hope it will encourage others to consider a career in nursing so we can grow and prepare our future nursing workforce.”

“During National Nurses Week, AAPACN salutes our members, the nurses working in long-term and post-acute care facilities. With demand for nurses at a record high, AAPACN members could work in any healthcare setting, yet they choose LTPAC, caring for some of our nation’s most vulnerable populations. For this reason, we’re honored to serve these dedicated healthcare professionals and to celebrate them during Nurses Week,” said Tracey Moorhead, President, and CEO of the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nurses (AAPACN).

The nursing profession continues to encounter significant workforce shortages that threaten both the quality of care and health outcomes for all Americans. Nurses are overburdened and overworked due to staffing shortages, causing employee burnout and lack of support systems in place. With nearly 100,00 registered nurses estimated to have left the field during the COVID-19 pandemic and roughly 800,000 nurses intent on leaving the profession by 2027, solutions are urgently needed.

The Healthcare Workforce Coalition urges Congress to recognize these challenges, and pass legislation such as the Safety from Violence for Healthcare Employees (SAVE) Act (H.R.2584/S.2768), the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act (HWRA) (H.R. 6205/S.3211), and the Reauthorization of the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act (H.R.7153/S.3679) to support and grow the nursing workforce. 

“As we celebrate National Nurses Week, we at AHCA/NCAL honor the profound impact and the indomitable spirit of nurses across long term care,” said Clifton J. Porter II, Senior Vice President of Government Relations at AHCA/NCAL. “Their dedication and resilience in providing high-quality care to our patients and residents are the foundation of our mission to improve lives. This week, we not only recognize their tireless efforts but also advocate for robust support and meaningful policies that aim to build up the next generation of nurses. We encourage our lawmakers and community leaders to join us in acknowledging and supporting these heroes of health care.”

“Nurses are key to the healing experience, unlocking comfort, compassion, and care in every moment,” said Kara Murphy, President of PRS Global, LLC. “This National Nurses Week, we honor our nurses who face constant pressures and yet demonstrate their unwavering commitment to provide healing care to those in need.” To learn more about National Nurses Week, visit the ANA website