We must better recognize and support allied health professionals | Viewpoint

“Recent headlines have raised the alarm about our nation’s severe shortage of nurses and physicians. Efforts to expand the pool of qualified candidates and create workplaces where medical professionals feel supported and appreciated rather than burned out will help us address this crisis. However, one facet of this shortage – our allied health workforce –…

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Inadequate Medical Assistant Staffing Levels Underscores Importance of Healthcare Education 

A recent study published in the Annals of Family Medicine found that current staffing levels of medical assistants in primary care practices are inadequate. Past research indicates that having at least two medical assistants for each primary care clinician is best to effectively support preventative care and manage chronic care while also doing traditional medical assistant functions….

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Policy Update: Senator Kaine Files Lorna Breen Reauthorization Act Amendment

Senator Tim Kaine (D-VA) filed the Lorna Breen Reauthorization Act as an amendment to the Senate’s National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) on Thursday, July 11. The amendment filed (S.Amdt.2315) to the Senate NDAA bill S. 4638 aims to reauthorize and enhance the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act by expanding best practices to prevent…

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A Path Forward to Address Nurse Burnout and Hospital Violence

The healthcare sector faces a pressing issue: a significant shortage of nurses. Nurses are essential to the American healthcare system, yet their numbers have not kept pace with the growth in patient demand. A new report from Incredible Health surveying 1,500 hospitals underscores just that, emphasizing the problems and avenues for practical solutions within our…

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Visa freeze worsens America’s nursing shortage

Longstanding caps on green cards for foreign-educated nurses are limiting one potential fix for America’s stark shortage of health care workers… To read the full article from Axios, click here.

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LTE re:“Addressing health care workers’ trauma can help fight burnout,”

Thank you for writing this essay on the trauma and burnout that are all too common among today’s health care workforce. I applaud you for underscoring the importance of trauma-informed organizations and the critical value of workplaces that are safe, supportive, and flexible. As a nurse educator and researcher, I have come to understand the…

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International nurse visa pause extended despite staffing gaps

The government paused its processing of new visa applications until fiscal 2025, leaving thousands of international nurses in limbo as they look to fill health systems’ pervasive staffing gaps.

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As nursing visas again hit their annual limit, industry groups call for Congress to step in

International workers’ high demand for employment-based immigrant visas has led the State Department to effectively cut off the flow of green cards for skilled workers, including nurses, for the remainder of the fiscal year. In its Visa Bulletin for July 2024, the department wrote that “it has become necessary” to retrogress its final action date for…

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State Dept freezes healthcare worker visas while Workforce Resilience Act lingers in Congress 

The Healthcare Workforce Coalition renewed its advocacy push to increase the number of immigrant nurses entering the US, calling on both chambers of Congress Friday to pass the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act… To read the full article in McKnight’s Long-Term Care News, click here.

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Fixing America’s healthcare workforce shortage | Viewpoint

America’s healthcare system faces an urgent challenge: Our workforce is at the breaking point. We simply don’t have enough physicians, nurses, and healthcare technicians to meet the needs of patients. And with our nation’s aging population and rising demand for healthcare services, the problem will only grow worse if we don’t start addressing it immediately……

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