Empowering Healthcare and Challenges: Glenda’s Story

Glenda’s journey from the Philippines to the U.S. encapsulates a dream spanning more than a decade. Despite facing numerous hurdles, including retrogression and the closure of an opportunity for a U.S. visa, Glenda’s determination led her to work as a nurse in Saudi Arabia for six years. During her time, she was able to foster financial stability for her family back home and she eventually reached the U.S. at the culmination of an 11-year endeavor where she now lives and works in Lexington, Kentucky.


Born and raised in the Visayas region on Bohol Island, Glenda’s passion for nursing was sparked by her father’s illness. This pivotal moment propelled her toward her childhood dream of becoming a nurse in the U.S., an ambition supported by her sister already residing in Connecticut.

Amidst her journey, Glenda’s family remained a cornerstone. Her commitment to nursing education and career progression included obtaining an NCLEX certification, albeit expired due to retrogression, necessitating continuous education renewal for active practice. Finally arriving in Kentucky through MedPro, she found herself in Lexington, embracing a new climate and diverse seasons, a far cry from her roots.


Glenda arrived amid the COVID-19 pandemic with a strong resolve to contribute to the nursing shortage and healthcare crisis of the pandemic. Although her facility didn’t initially handle COVID patients, she stepped in during the crisis, demonstrating unwavering dedication to her patients. The delay during her journey to the U.S. caused by the pandemic fueled her advocacy for opening nursing visas, recognizing the critical shortage in the healthcare system. Despite facing understaffing issues and an increased patient load, Glenda found solace in her community, engaging actively in church activities and Filipino cultural groups, which helped alleviate the strain of being far from home.

Her journey extends beyond nursing into the worlds of mentorship and community integration. Glenda thrives on being a beacon of support for her colleagues and newcomers, providing guidance as they navigate professional and personal adjustments in the U.S. She actively participates in awards committees and spearheads initiatives at her workplace, earning recognition for her contributions. Her entrepreneurial flair, manifesting in her signature cheesecake recipe, adds a touch of home to her life in the U.S. as she shares it with friends and colleagues.


Amidst challenges, Glenda remains resolute, defining her goals, dreams, and purpose. Her commitment to advocacy, especially for fellow nurses getting aid from MedPro, showcases her unwavering dedication to nursing excellence. Through her positive outlook, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to nurturing a supportive community, Glenda embodies hope and empowerment within her healthcare landscape.

Nursing shortages are a pressing issue that is glaringly evident within overburdened emergency rooms, something she is faced with every day. The strain this has caused on healthcare systems has led to prolonged wait times for patients and the underutilization of facilities. Glenda is just one of many nurses from other countries who are invaluable additions to U.S. nursing staff.

Glenda’s experience emphasizes the imperative for legislation like the Healthcare Workforce Resilience Act, which streamlines the assimilation of nursing professionals into the U.S. healthcare system. This pivotal act addresses immigration barriers and extends crucial support to international healthcare workers, offering hope in alleviating the shortages within the nursing workforce.


Glenda’s journey, marked by challenges and triumphs, embodies a spirit of perseverance and service shared by many nurses around the world. By improving accessibility and streamlining processes, the U.S. can draw from a diverse talent pool, effectively easing nursing shortages and offering extensive benefits to patients and the healthcare sector. Their seamless integration not only enhances patient care and operational efficiency in healthcare facilities but also relieves the strain caused by significant shortages in the industry, and allows others with aspirations like Glenda to make their mark on the healthcare system in the U.S.

Thank you to MedPro International for contributing this powerful case study to the Healthcare Workforce Coalition.


Address Significant Workforce Shortages In Our Nation’s Healthcare System By Enabling More Nurses Like Glenda To Work In The U.S.

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